Are those your real nails?
Yes. Those are my real, natural nails.

How do you keep them so long?
The first reason my nails are so long is genetics. I lucked out with deep nail beds first of all, so even when my nails are short, they appear to be long. But since this doesn't apply to everyone, here are some tips:
1. Keep 'Em Hydrated
By this, I mean your cuticles. Keep those babies moisturized. Do this by applying hand cream throughout the day, and cuticle oil every night. If you don't want to buy actual cuticle oil, you can use vitamin E oil, coconut oil, olive oil or any other light weight, quick absorbing oil.
2. Painted Pretty
For years, people were told "Let your nails breathe. Don't keep them polished all the time." First of all, your nails don't breathe. They have no need to "breathe". Second, this was said more because of what nail polishes used to contain. Many polishes had chemicals like formaldehyde, toluene and DBP in them. These weren't exactly good for you, and would weaken the nails. Now, however, most polishes are free of these chemicals, and can actually strengthen your nails. Look for polishes that say they are "3, 4 or 5 Free". Then, keep your nails polished with them. I always have polish on, and my nails are pretty darn hard.
3. Longer and Stronger
If you're really having trouble with keeping your nails strong, use a strengthening base coat. I like Sally Hansen Triple Strong. I also use it as a top coat, since it has a gel like quality and really helps to prevent chipping. This will also aid in keeping nails longer.
4. The Nitty Gritty
File, don't clip. The reality is, using a file to shorten and shape your nails will be much more friendly to your nail beds than nail clippers will. Nail clippers can often cause splitting of the nails. It can also cause trauma to the nail bed that will result in ridges on the nails. Filing won't cause any of these problems, and it's much easier to shape with.

Are those nail stickers, or did you paint those designs yourself?
I painted them myself. Uh huh, you heard me. I painted all of that. My designs are always hand-painted, by myself unless otherwise stated. Although I can really only think of one situation where it wasn't my own design...

How long did that take?
The amount of time it takes to paint different designs depends on what exactly the design is. Certain designs I've done have taken up to 5 hours per nail, while other manicures will take me a couple hours for all 10 nails.

How did you paint that?
A lot of patience, practice and a steady hand. I also use a really tiny brush. This is the size of brush I'm currently using compared to a pin.

What do use to create your nail art?
I use regular nail polish and acrylic craft paint for my designs. I generally prefer the acrylic for details, as it is easy to blend and create a wider range of colours with. As for what I use to apply the paint, I use several tiny brushes, as well as makeup sponges, pens, and a bunch of other random stuff that will usually be mentioned in posts.

How did you learn to paint your nails?
Well, my sister got me into nail painting at a young age, but I also really love art. Since I was a little kid, I've painted designs on my nails, but when I started high school, I decided to push myself a little more with my painting. So overall, I learned through trial and error, and a lot of practice.

Which nail polish brand is your favourite?
For salon brands, I love China Glaze. They have good brushes, even coverage, and are still decently priced. As for drug store brands, I really do love Essence. They're fantastic quality polishes and they're only about $2.00. I've just started using Nails Inc. and I really love those polishes. Although the price is sometimes a little high. I think I'd have to say my all time favourite right now is Revlon's Colorstay Gel Envy line. They're long wearing, opaque polishes with the perfect brush.

Can I repost your photos?
Yes, but only as on as you give me credit. Either link back to my blog, or if it's on Instagram or Twitter, tag me. My social media will be listed on this page and can be found throughout the blog.

Do you have Instagram? Twitter?
Sure do! My nails (and other art plus random stuff I post) can be found on Insta @The_NailGuru and my nonsensical tweets can be found @_ZaleC.

How can I contact you?
Shoot me a comment on the blog, message me on Twitter or Instagram, or send me an email at thenailguru@hotmail.com.

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