Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Where Have You BEEN?...

Hello people of the blogging world. Yes, I am alive. Yes, I'm still blogging and painting nails. :p I just  finished exams and hour ago, so I'll be back to painting nails again. I should have a design up tonight or tomorrow. And keep an eye on the blog, cause I have a ton of designs I plan on doing in the next week.

Friday, January 25, 2013

Inspiration Needed

So, with a new year in, I figured I'd be getting some awesome inspiration. But I'm not. I am lacking in nail art ideas lately, and it's really bugging me. Usually a quick Google search of nail art or look around my house inspires me, but right now, nothing. The reason I'm telling you guys this is because I hope some of you have some ideas for me. These can be manicures you've seen before, a tutorial you want to see, a photo or piece of art that looks interesting. Basically, anything awesome for nails. You guys can comment below with ideas, or send me an email at Any ideas would be appreciated so I can get back on the nail art horse! Thanks!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

More Nail Polish

Hey everybody! Sorry I've been MIA lately. Exams are coming up, so I've been busy preparing. Then, to make everything worse, our modem broke and we had no internet access. I couldn't do certain homework, and of course, couldn't blog. :p Anyways, I've have lots to tell you guys.

Firstly, Saturday was a fun and busy day. I went shopping and picked up the mini set of the new OPI Liquid Sand polishes from the Mariah Carey collection.

The mini set comes with all four Liquid Sand polishes; Get Your Number, Can't Let Go, The Impossible and Stay the Night. The first one I have tried is Get Your Number.

It's a really pretty sparkly blue. And, definitely after it had dried (it takes about 10 minutes to go matte), it really did look like sparkly coloured sand. 

Here's a photo to show you how sparkly it is. :p

I'll be showing you the other one's soon too.

Anyways, after shopping on Saturday, a friend and I went to the 2013 20 Valley WineFest and met the celebrity chef Chuck Hughes from "Chuck's Day Off" on Food Network. He's one of my favourite chefs, so this totally made my day. We also met Elle, Caspar and Antonella from the Food Network show "SugarStars". I'm a huge fan of them too. They're super funny and make awesome cakes and candies. So, you can see how I enjoyed me Saturday. :)

Then, yesterday, something even more awesome happened. My 007 contest prize from OPI showed up. I haven't snapped any photos of it yet, but I should have some up in the next couple of days.

Talk to you guys soon!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sparks Will Fly

Hey guys!
I've had magnetic polishes for a while; probably since they were introduced about two years ago. But for some reason, I've never photographed and blogged about them. So, today, I'm finally showing one of my magnetic polishes.

No top coat.

Top coat.

This is two coats of Sparks Will Fly from the China Glaze Magnetix collection. I used the horizontal lines magnet and placed in on a diagonal from the tip of the nail to get the design. I like the coverage and colour, but I find the magnetic polishes take a long time to dry and once dry they almost have a matte finish. Of course, a bit of top coat easily makes it shiny. 

Anyways, hope you guys are having a great day and enjoy!

Friday, January 4, 2013

Manicure One of 2013

Hey everybody! First of all, Happy 2013! I hope you all had a great New Years and just good holidays in general. Anyways, here it is: my first manicure from 2013.

First, I painted my nails with two coats of Black Satin from Rimmel, followed by one coat of Yoga-Ta Get this Blue from OPI.

I loved how this combination worked out. It was a really gorgeous midnight blue, that sparkled like crazy in the sun.

Then I chose to add a design to my ring finger. So I painted the Aurora Borealis (aka the Northern Lights). 

To make the Aurora Borealis, I sponged on various colours, including Frostbite from China Glaze, Ogre-the-Top-Blue from OPI, Grey-t to Be Here from Essence, and glitter polish from It's So Easy Stripe Rite and Sally Girl. I also used acrylic to make the actual Northern Lights. Then I used black acrylic for the silhouette of the land. 

I hope you like my first manicure of 2013!