Friday, August 22, 2014

O Captain! My Captain!

As I'm sure many of you now know, last week we lost a legend. I have to say, it's the first celebrity I've felt truly saddened about losing. I mean usually, when a celebrity you like dies, you're sad at first, but it passes quickly. You didn't actually know them, you just knew the characters they played on the big screen, but this time, it's different. Whether it was watching him as Genie, helping to turn Aladdin's life around, making us laugh as he masqueraded as Mrs. Doubtfire or encouraging us to "seize the day" as Mr. Keating in the Dead Poet's Society, Robin Williams will be missed greatly. And so, today's manicure, pays tribute to Robin Williams.

My pinkie is High Line Green from Sally Hansen, and represents the movie Flubber. On my ring finger, I used a base of Sure Thing from Revlon and then painted the quote "O Captain! My Captain!" in black acrylic, which is from the movie Dead Poets Society. My middle finger is a base of Sure Thing, followed by a gradient of Frostbite from China Glaze and Casino Royale from OPI, then the Genie from Aladdin painted in acrylic. My pointer finger is flowers painted in acrylic (representing Mrs. Doubtfire's floral print dress) on a base of Sure Thing. Finally, my thumb is a base of Sure Thing, then I sponged on Surfing Paradise from Island Girl Hawaii and Unplugged from China Glaze. Then, using acrylic, I painted on Hook.

As a second tribute to Robin Williams, I doodled with some Sharpie and created a fake tattoo.

So, Robin Williams, you will be greatly missed.

Hope you guys enjoy.

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

So Sharky

Well kids, it's Shark Week (on Discovery Channel) and I just had to paint some nails for it. Keeping it simple for this manicure. They're not exactly scary shark nails, but hey they're still sharks.

The actual shark designs were based off of the Scratch nail wraps created by Nina Park. My pinkies are a base of Sure Thing from Revlon, then I used Dreamer from Revlon for the dots. My ring fingers and thumbs are a base of Sheer Nude from Orly. Then, I used Dreamer to make the shark and added eyes and teeth with black and white acrylic. My middle fingers are a base of Sheer Nude with stripes painted with Sure Thing. Finally, my pointer fingers are a base of Dreamer with Sure Thing polka dots. 

I hope you guys are enjoying Shark Week, and if not, why aren't you???!!! :p

Anyways, see ya guys later this week with more designs.

Hope you guys enjoy! Nail Guru out. 

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Shark Happens

Today, ladies and gentlemen, is a day that will make history. Okay, so maybe that's a bit of a stretch, but another movie about sharks that get sucked into a tornado gets released today. Yup. It's time for Sharknado 2: The Second One. It's cinematic gold. And to mark this absolutely historic event, I painted my nails. Obviously. ;)

The base for all my nails is Black Taxi from Nails Inc. I then applied Yoga-Ta Get This Blue from OPI on top. Then, with very little polish on the brush, I randomly applied Frostbite from China Glaze and Dreamer from Revlon towards the tips of my nails. I painted the shark on my ring finger with red, black and white acrylic. The writing on my pointer finger is white acrylic.

I hope you guys enjoy. And also, beware of tornadoes filled with sharks, and remember guys; Shark Happens. ;)

Friday, July 25, 2014

Gotta Catch 'Em All!

If the title didn't give it away, this weeks manicure is Pokémon inspired. Now I don't know about you guys, but I was definitely a Pokémon fan when I was younger. I didn't actually know how to play with the cards, but I watched the show and played the video game on my brother's old Game Boy. 

On my pinkie, I painted Squirtle. I started with a base of Club Privé from L'Oréal, then added the detail with acrylics. My ring finger is a Pokéball. The base is Sure Thing and Revlon Red from Revlon. Then I painted the rest of the Pokéball with white and black acrylic. My middle finger is Charizard, with a base of Sunkissed from Sally Hansen and details in acrylic. Finally, my pointer finger is Bulbasaur, with a base of Mermaid's Tears from OPI and acrylic detail. My thumb was another Pokéball. 

I'm super happy with how this manicure turned out! Definitely brings me back to second grade when I was given my first Pokémon card. I was always a huge fan of Ponyta (mainly because I had a horse obsession). What was your favourite Pokémon? Let me know!

Hope you guys enjoy!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

"Eye" See You

This nail design was just something quick I had done in between the Tangled and Warped Tour manicures.

The base on my pinkie and middle finger is Black Taxi from Nails Inc. On my ring finger I used Sure Thing from Revlon as a base, then painted on Hey Girl! from Quo, Lightening from Sally Hansen, Let's Get Lost from Essence and Black Taxi on randomly. On my middle finger, I painted an eye using black, white and blue acrylic. Finally, using a base of Sure Thing and a black striper, I created a checker board pattern. 

Hope you guys enjoy!

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

I'm Weird

On Friday I went to Warped Tour 2014. For those of you who don't know, Warped Tour is a huge music festival that is now international. There are over 100 bands and artists on the tour, so there's something for everyone to enjoy. It was my first time going to Warped Tour and it was an amazing experience. Here are my nails for the occasion.

My pinkie is a base of Black Taxi from Nails Inc. Then I sponged on Frostbite from China Glaze, Plum Seduction from Revlon, Back In My Gloria Days from Nicole By OPI and Let's Get Lost from Essence to create a galaxy. Finally, I added some stars with white acrylic. My ring finger is the Journeys logo, with a base of Black Taxi painted in white acrylic. My middle finger is part of the illustration for the Ghost Town song Monster. The base is High Line Green from NYC, and the rest is acrylic. On my pointer finger, I started with a base of Black Taxi, then sponged on French Quarter for Your Thoughts and Ski Slop Sweetie, both from OPI. I added stars and "I'm Weird" which is a new song from Ghost Town. Finally, my thumb is the Vans logo. The base is Black Taxi and the lettering is acrylic. 

Ghost Town was super excited to see my nails again, and even took photos of my nails!

I got a chance to meet a few of the bands on the tour as well. 

Alix and Kevin from Ghost Town.

Evan from Ghost Town. 

Conor from Ice Nine Kills. 

And Bertrand from Chunk! No Captain Chunk! 

Warped Tour was definitely fun! And it was great to see some awesome bands! 

Hope you guys enjoy!


This is a tour vlog from Ghost Town. If you watch from about 1:05, you'll see me showing off my nails at the Toronto Warped Tour show!

Also, Warped Tour posted my nails on their Instagram!

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


It is a well known fact that I LOVE Disney. If you haven't figured that out yet, then what have you been doing?! Anyways, I thought it was about time for another Disney themed manicure.

The Disney movie I chose to base my design off of was Tangled. I chose to model the art after the illustrations during the credits of Tangled. 

I started with a base of Sure Thing by Revlon, then sponged brown acrylic on each nail. My pinkie is a tree painted with green, brown and black acrylic. On my ring finger, I painted Rapunzel using black, white and yellow acrylic. My middle finger is Pascal the chameleon, painted with black, white and yellow acrylic, and my pointer finger is Maximus the horse, painted with brown, black and white acrylic. Finally, my thumb is the tower Rapunzel lives in, painted with black, white and brown acrylic. Finally, I topped everything off with Big Matte Top Coat from Sally Hansen.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


On Sunday I went to the 2014 MMVA's or Much Music Video Awards. They're a huge Canadian awards show, and I definitely needed to do my nails for them.

The black base is Black Satin from Rimmel, and the white base is White Matter from Formula X. On my pinkie, I painted the Marianas Trench logo in white acrylic. My ring finger is the MMVA logo. On my middle finger, I painted the Imagine Dragons logo and Hedley's logo is painted on my pointer finger. Finally, my thumb is the Much logo. 

I don't have any concert photos, as I didn't stay for most of the MMVA's... It was my first bad concert experience...

But anyways, hope you guys enjoy!