Thursday, October 30, 2014

I See You Shiver With Antici... Pation

This year marks the 40th anniversary of what I think I have to say is my favourite ever Halloween movie. It's weird, wacky, a little bit creepy, and a lot funny. That movie, ladies and gentlemen (if the title didn't tip any of you off), is The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

I started off with a base of Black Taxi from Nails Inc. for all of my nails. Then, I used black, red and white acrylic to create the mouth on my ring finger and red acrylic to write Rocky Horror on my pointer finger.

I don't have much to say about this manicure, mainly because I need to go watch Rocky Horror now. :p

Hope you guys enjoy!

Monday, October 20, 2014


Today's Halloween themed nail design is inspired by the artwork of Kat Tatz. I stumbled across the gem that inspired this while scrolling through The Daily Nail's instagram. As someone who is a huge fan of sugar skulls, and art, it was awesome to see someone combine Frida Kahlo's famous self-portraits with intricate sugar skull makeup. I just had to replicate this on my nails.

I started with a base of French Quarter for Your Thoughts from OPI, then  lightly dry brushed some white acrylic over my nail. The rest of the design was completely done in acrylic craft paint. I have no idea how many hours I spent on this, but it was worth it. I love how this turned out and how it gives a subtle Halloween vibe.

What do you guys think? Anything you want to see before Halloween??

Hope you guys enjoy!

*You can also see these nails on my instagram, as well as The Daily Nail's.

Friday, October 17, 2014

A Handful of Halloween

I didn't really know what to call today's manicure. It's kind of a mix of everything Halloween-y, yet hipster-ish as well. Here it is.

My pinkie and ring finger are a base of Revlon Red from Revlon. Then I used a bobby pin and black acrylic paint to make the drips. My ring finger is a base of Black Taxi from Nails Inc. Then I added the ribs using white acrylic. My middle finger is also a base of Black Taxi, with a half moon of Sure Thing from Revlon and the details for the eye in black and red acrylic. Finally, my thumb is a base of Black Taxi, with white acrylic to make the skeleton hand.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

My current Halloween manicure was inspired by those blood suckers who sometimes sparkle: Vampires. So here you go, a quick vampire manicure.

The base colour is Winning Streak from Revlon. Then, on my ring finger I painted the vampire fangs and blood drips using white and red acrylic. It was a really quick and simple manicure, but it's pretty cute.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Rotting Away

I know. That's a morbid title, but hey, tis the season... The season for creepy, morbid and sometimes gross stuff. By that I mean, it's Halloween time!!

Anyways, some of you may remember my zombie nails from a couple years ago. As much as it was kind of disturbing to have that design on my nails, it was really fun to wear. And seeing as zombies seem to be here to stay for a while, I give you Zombie Nails, Version 2.0.

1. Paint your nails a flesh tone. When I say flesh tone, I mean use a colour that is very similar to your skin colour. For me, this was Sheer Nude from Orly. Also, using the same flesh colour, paint a couple layers of it on a plastic baggy to create your own nail stickers. Do this about an 1-2 hours before the rest of the manicure.

2. Once the polish on the plastic bag has dried for an hour or a bit more, start tearing off or cutting pieces and placing them onto your nails. Wrinkle, fold, and tear the peeled off polish to make it look like rotting flesh... just like a zombie. Kinda gross, but it makes a cool (and creepy) effect.

3. To make the skin look like it's rotting, you want to give it a grey tone, like there isn't blood getting to the surface. To achieve this look, I sponged on French Quarter for Your Thoughts from OPI. Then, I added a khaki green, Khaki from Joe, to give a sort of mossy, moldy look. If you'd like, you can also add a bit off a purple polish for bruising. Make sure if you use purple, you use a purple with a blue undertone (more indigo coloured), since this will look more like real bruising. I used Fig from Joe. Finally, sponge on (very lightly) some black polish, focusing on folds and the edges of tears. I used Black Taxi from Nails Inc. *At this point, you can sponge or dab on some clear matte polish as well to create more of a dead skin look. I used Sally Hansen's Big Matte Top Coat.

4. Now add blood. I used a mix of Revlon Red from Revlon and Black Taxi, and globbed this onto parts of the nail where I had created tears. Then, using either your finger or a sponge, dab, sponge and smudge more red polish onto the nails to look like smeared blood.

A few tips:

1. Use cream or matte polishes for this look. Metallic or glitter polishes will take away from the "real" look of this.

2. Use cool colours. Any colour with a warm look (pink, magenta, lime green) will make it look like healthy skin, instead of zombie skin.

3. Make sure you either use a dark red for the blood or mix it with blood. This will give a more realistic look.

4. Don't make this look perfect. You're trying to make gross zombie nails. They should look some what messy. The "torn skin" should look torn. The "blood" should be smeared or splattered. They should look like they're dirty, just like rotting zombies.

And there you have it. Some gory zombie nails. If you plan on being a zombie for Halloween, this can take your look to the next level.

I hope you guys enjoy this slightly disgusting and disturbing Halloween look!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Take It Or Leave It

Yes guys, I went to another concert. I feel like that's all I do now a days. :p Anyways, I won tickets to see Cage The Elephant and The Black Keys. I of course did nails as a tribute to Cage The Elephant. Here they are.

My thumb and pinkie were a base of Sure Thing from Revlon with stripes painted on using a black striper. My ring finger was a water marbled base of Black Taxi from Nails Inc., Blue Away from Sally Hansen, Pink Lingerie from Revlon, Revlon Red from Revlon and High Line Green from NYC. Then, using white acrylic, I painted the Cage The Elephant cover from their album Thank You, Happy Birthday. My middle finger is also a base of Sure Thing. Then, I splattered, dotted and smudged on Sassy from Revlon, Lightening from Sally Hansen, Revlon Red, Let's Get Lost from Essence, and black, red and pink acrylic. Finally, my pointer finger was a base of Sure Thing, with an eye from the Melophobia cover painted using black, red, purple and blue acrylic. My right hand was very similar to my left hand.

This was the first concert in a long time I haven't hung out with the band after, but it was tons of fun and I love how my nails turned out!

Hope you guys enjoy!

Saturday, September 6, 2014


On Thursday night, I went to see Hollerado... again. Some of you guys may remember the nails I did for a Hollerado concert back in January. And of course, being me, I had to paint my nails again.

My pinkie and pointer finger are based off of the stained glass windows on the cover for the album White Paint. I started with a base of Black Taxi from Nails Inc. then added the stained glass using Gypsy Queen from Misa, Blue Away from Sally Hansen, Frostbite from China Glaze, High Line Green from NYC, Sure Thing from Revlon, Sun Kissed from Sally Hansen and Tomorrow Never Dies from OPI. On my ring finger, I started with a base of Sure Thing, then painted "Hollerado" with black acrylic and all the colours mentioned above for the stained glass. I painted the doodle of Lonesome George, the tortoise on my middle finger on a base of Sure Thing. The tortoiseis painted with black acrylic, then I used watered down acrylic to get the water colour effect around him. Finally, my thumb is the cover for Record in a Bag. I started with a base of Sure Thing, then painted the record with black acrylic. I painted the beginning of the Hollerado logo at the top with High Line Green. 

The band came out after to talk to everyone, and I got a chance to show them my nails again. They all remembered me as the girl with the crazy nail art. I also had quite a good chat with the singer, Menno, which might lead to an exciting opportunity for me, but more on that later! And I finally me the drummer in the band, Jake, so I now have photos with him too!

It was another amazing concert!

Hope you guys enjoy!

Friday, August 22, 2014

O Captain! My Captain!

As I'm sure many of you now know, last week we lost a legend. I have to say, it's the first celebrity I've felt truly saddened about losing. I mean usually, when a celebrity you like dies, you're sad at first, but it passes quickly. You didn't actually know them, you just knew the characters they played on the big screen, but this time, it's different. Whether it was watching him as Genie, helping to turn Aladdin's life around, making us laugh as he masqueraded as Mrs. Doubtfire or encouraging us to "seize the day" as Mr. Keating in the Dead Poet's Society, Robin Williams will be missed greatly. And so, today's manicure, pays tribute to Robin Williams.

My pinkie is High Line Green from Sally Hansen, and represents the movie Flubber. On my ring finger, I used a base of Sure Thing from Revlon and then painted the quote "O Captain! My Captain!" in black acrylic, which is from the movie Dead Poets Society. My middle finger is a base of Sure Thing, followed by a gradient of Frostbite from China Glaze and Casino Royale from OPI, then the Genie from Aladdin painted in acrylic. My pointer finger is flowers painted in acrylic (representing Mrs. Doubtfire's floral print dress) on a base of Sure Thing. Finally, my thumb is a base of Sure Thing, then I sponged on Surfing Paradise from Island Girl Hawaii and Unplugged from China Glaze. Then, using acrylic, I painted on Hook.

As a second tribute to Robin Williams, I doodled with some Sharpie and created a fake tattoo.

So, Robin Williams, you will be greatly missed.

Hope you guys enjoy.