Sunday, April 5, 2015

Hoppy Easter!

Hey guys! Here are some super quick Easter nails!

They're some little robin's egg nails. I started with a base of That's What I Mint from Essence, and then splattered on Suzi Loves Cowboys from OPI using a toothbrush. Finally, I put on Matte About You from Essence as a top coat.

And here's a bonus picture of my little Easter bunny. 

Happy Easter! Hope you guys enjoy!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Stay Gold, Ponyboy

From the first moment I ever read The Outsiders, I knew I was in love with it. This book also introduced me to my favourite poem, "Nothing Gold Can Stay" by Robert Frost. That was the inspiration for this design, as well as the work of Spifster Sutton.

My pinkies and thumbs were Dreamer from Revlon. On my ring fingers and index fingers, I started with a base of Plum Seduction from Revlon, Blazed from Wet 'N' Wild, Mellow Yellow from Sally Hansen and Dreamer. On my ring fingers, I painted drips on using a black striper, then splattered on black acrylic with a toothbrush. Finally, I painted "stay gold" using white acrylic on my left ring finger and "golden" in black acrylic on top of a white acrylic banner on my right ring finger. To finish my index fingers, I used a black striper to paint the jagged lines, then splattered more black acrylic on top. My middle fingers were a custom grey I created using Sure Thing from Revlon and Black Leather from China Glaze. I then used black acrylic to paint the rose and the leaves, and added highlights using white acrylic.

Have any of you read The Outsiders? What did you think? 

Hope you guys enjoy! And remember, stay gold.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Read Or Die

Over the years, I've come to realize, I'm a lot less "ride or die" and a lot more "read or die". I just really like books.

On my left hand pinkie and right hand ring finger, I painted the word "no" using a black and white striper. Next, on my left ring finger and right middle finger, I started with a base of French Quarter For Your Thoughts from OPI, then painted Blue Away from Sally Hansen, Baker Street from Nails Inc., Blazed from Wet 'N' Wild, Lightening from Sally Hansen, Surfing Paradise from Island Girl Hawaii, Khaki from Joe, and Suzi Loves Cowboys from OPI. Then I added on some black and white using stripers, and painted on "ride or die" using a black striper. Finally, I painted "read" using a white striper. My left middle finger and right pointer finger were a base of Sure Thing from Revlon, followed by 3 layers of hairspray water marbling using Black Leather from China Glaze, Finally, my left pointer finger and right pinkie were Baker Street.

Do you guys like to read too? What's your favourite book?

Hope you guys enjoy! 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Current Mood: No

This design came together because I was in one of those "no" moods. So that made me think of Grumpy Cat, which then inspired this.

My pinkie finger is Blue Away from Sally Hansen. On my ring finger, I started with a base of French Quarter For Your Thoughts from OPI, then painted Grumpy Cat using black, brown and white acrylic. My middle finger was a base of Marshmallow from Essie. I then added the flowers in using Blue Away, and white and black acrylic. I then painted the leaves using French Quarter For Your Thoughts and black acrylic. Finally, I finished off with putting fine silver glitter on my pointer finger.

And a little close up on that "no" action.

Hope you guys enjoy!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Where Are Youuuu? And I'm So Sorrrry!

As many of you know, I am a serious music lover, so here are some more band inspired nails. This time: Blink-182.

I started with a base of Sure Thing from Revlon for all of my nails. I then dry brushed Plum Seduction from Revlon and Club Prive from L'OrĂ©al on my nails. On my ring finger, I painted the logo on using black acrylic, then added the name using a light tan and black acrylic. Finally, I splattered black acrylic on m,y nails using a toothbrush.  

Hope you guys enjoy!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

I'm Really A Mermaid

Hey guys! Here's a quick mermaid scale mani I did a couple weeks ago!

The base for all of my nails was Deviantly Daring. On my middle finger, thumb and pinkie, I sponged on some of Frostbite from China Glaze along one side of the nails, On my pointer finger and ring finger, I sponged on Slate Park from Sally Hansen along one side. I then put pieces of glitter from Luxe and Lush from China Glaze onto my nails, and then drew on the scales using black acrylic.

Here's a nice close up with some water droplets to really bring out the holographic effect.

Hope you guys enjoy! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

Breathe... and Take Me Somewhere Warm

For those of you lucky enough to live somewhere warm, well... you're reaaaaaally lucky. The temperatures here have been around -20 Celsius, and lower, for a couple months now. Everything is frozen. I can't actually escape the cold right now, so I did the next best thing; I painted the tropics on my nails.

Bear with me guys; there were a lot of colours used for this design.

Pinkie: I started with a base of Sure Thing from Revlon, then sponged on Blue Away from Sally Hansen, Let's Get Lost from Essence and Yoga-Ta Get This Blue from OPI. I finished of the sponging with a little bit more of Sure Thing to create some clouds and highlights in the water. Finally, using green, black, white and yellow acrylic, I painted on the palm leaf. 

Ring Finger: I started this nail with a base of Sure Thing as well. Next, I sponged on Let's Get Lost, Plum Seduction from Revlon, Yoga-Ta Get This Blue and Blue Away for the sky. I also sponged on Electrified from Quo by Orly, Sun Kissed from Sally Hansen and Hot Tamale from Sally Hansen to create part of the sky and the setting sun. I added in some clouds using black acrylic, and Hot Tamale. Next, for the water, I painted on black acrylic, then sponged Let's Get Lost and Sure Thing on top. I also sponged a tiny bit of Hot Tamale on to be the reflection of the sun. Finally, I painted in the palm tree using black acrylic.

Middle Finger: Like the other nails, this was a base of Sure Thing. I started by painting the tree trunks using Surfing Paradise from Island Girl Hawaii, then added detail to them using black acrylic. I then added in some of Surfing Paradise for the ground. Next, I added the plants into the design using black, white, yellow, and green acrylic, as well as High Line Green from NYC. Using white acrylic, I painted the surf board, then added the details using black and blue acrylic. I touched up the leaves and this nail was done.

Index Finger: Sure Thing was the base for this nail as well. I then sponged on Yoga-Ta Get This Blue, Let's Get Lost, Plum Seduction, Blue Away and Electrified for the sky. I then used black acrylic to paint the silhouettes of the buildings and palm trees.

Now I can have a mini vacation on my nails.

I hope you guys enjoy!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Ghost Town

Alright kiddos (I have no idea why I said kiddos), it's about that time again to show off some band inspired nail art. This past Saturday, I went to yet another Ghost Town concert, and did some more Ghost Town nail art (you can see the previous manicures here, here, and here). As before, the designs are all inspired by the wonderful Alister Dippner, who is the mastermind behind the Ghost Town artwork. 

Alright, let's start with the left hand. Both my pinkie and thumb were galaxies, with a base of Frostbite from China Glaze, then Plum Seduction from Revlon and white acrylic sponged on. I finished it off with some white acrylic stars. My ring finger is a base of Black Taxi from Nails Inc., and then the Ghost Town logo was painted with white acrylic. My middle finger is inspired by the cover for the song "Acid", with a base of Sure Thing from Revlon. All the details are acrylic, except for the galaxy on the hair, which included Plum Seduction. On my pointer finger, I painted part of the cover for "I'm A Disaster", starting with a base of Black Taxi, and a sponging of Miss Universe from Essence. Then the details were painted with acrylic. 

On my right hand, I my thumb was a "Pizza Kitty" in acrylic, with a base of Black Taxi and sponging of Miss Universe. My pointer finger was an Alister Dippner styled Pikachu, also with acrylic, on a base of Sure Thing. On my middle finger, I painted "Bessie the Cow" using acrylic, with as base of Black Taxi. My ring finger was an Alister inspired Mickey Mouse, with a base of Sure Thing and painted in acrylic. Finally, my pinkie was another a galaxy.

Here's a close up of "Acid".

Hope you guys enjoy!