Sunday, July 24, 2016

Louder Than The DJ

Soooooooo... last week I got to be in a Billy Talent music video for their new song Louder Than The DJ... I'm still kind of freaking out. I was one of 50 people chosen to be in the video in this tiny little bar in Toronto. It was seriously amazing. And of course, I had to have some nail art for it.

I painted the Louder Than The DJ art, starting with a base of Liquid Leather from China Glaze. I then painted in the details using black, white, and red acrylic.

Close up time.

As if the night wasn't good enough, the band also played us a concert, and I ended up meeting Jon and Aaron from the band! I've been a fan of Billy Talent since I was in elementary school, so this was kind of a dream come true!

Hope you guys enjoy,

Saturday, July 16, 2016


The band Tokyo Police Club decided they we're going to play one of their songs PCH off of their new album Melon Collie... for 12 hours. And I was there for many of these hours... I heard the song over 150 times... and I still like it.

The base for this was Liquid Leather from China Glaze, and then I wrote the Tokyo Police Club logo using white acrylic.

I also ended up having an impromptu interview about my nail art with the band's vocalist, Dave Monks!

Overall, it was a super cool day, with a bunch of amazing people!

Friday, July 8, 2016

Bananas... For Banana Nails

The beginning of school was so crazy hectic, that I did very little nail art. This was one of the few/super quick manis I did.

The black nails were a base of Liquid Leather from China Glaze. I then put on a tiny bit of All About You from Sinful Colors. Then, the magenta nails are Orchid Me Not from Sally Hansen. The white nails started with a base of Sure Thing from Revlon, and then I painted the bananas using Orchid Me Not, and lined them with black acrylic. Finally, the neon pink nails were Pool Party from China Glaze, which I added random lines on using a black striper.

I think this design was only on for a couple days before I switched over to the Arkells nails. But it was fun while it lasted! I seriously love painting banana nails. :D

See you guys later!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Come To Light

As I've mentioned a bit, my posts stopped last year because life got busy! Last September I (finally) went to post-secondary school after my two years off spent working. Of course, with college, and university comes Frosh Week (or whatever the first week filled with events is called for your area). My school ended up pulling off one of the greatest Frosh Week concerts in the area, especially since we were the only school to end up with this band for Frosh. We got the Arkells.

If you don't know who the Arkells are, they're a Canadian band from right near where I live. They're kind of local legends, and they're really making it big world-wide. And since it was a band I liked, and a concert, nails were done.

The base was Liquid Leather from China Glaze, and the details were done with white acrylic. It was a pretty long process painting these, as writing Arkells was very tiny and detailed.

I definitely recommend you check the Arkells out, especially since their new album is out soon!

See you guys tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 6, 2016


Just before I went to Riot Fest last September, I went and saw Born Ruffians. Yes, I see them a lot. As a lil nod of nail art to the Born Ruffians, I painted the album cover for Birthmarks.

The base for it was, as always, my favourite black polish, Liquid Leather from China Glaze. I then used various colours of acrylic to paint the triangles/lines making up the "B" and "R".

On that note, I'm kind of missing the coffin nails. Should I rock them again? Let me know!

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Let's Start A Riot... Fest

In September, I won tickets to Riot Fest, which included The Dirty Nil, Weezer, and Alexisonfire. Considering Alexisonfire broke up in 2012, this was epic news for me, and clearly required some nails.

I wanted to keep everything black and white so I could really tie the nails together, so the base was Liquid Leather from China Glaze, with all details in white acrylic.

Close up of the Alexisonfire nail.

And the Dirty Nil nail.

Fun fact: the father of one of the members of Alexisonfire was my orthodontist. I even used to get Alexisonfire toothbrushes.

Until next time! 

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Walking Into Spiderwebs

Aaaaand here are my annual spiderweb nails.

The base was Liquid Leather, which I then painted spiderwebs on using a white striper.

More spiderweb nails will definitely make an appearance this October.

Bye for now!

Saturday, July 2, 2016


Ah Halloween, my favourite of the holidays. During September and October last year, I changed up my usual almond/stiletto shaped nails for some coffin shaped nails. I figured it was especially appropriate for Halloween time. 

Of course, in the true spirit of Halloween, and creepiness, I had to do some more zombie nails. And for photo purposes, I added some Third Degree silicone, fake bruising, and fake blood to my face and hands. 

Many polishes were used for this look, and they included:
Sheer Nude from Orly, French Quarter For Your Thoughts from OPI, Suzi Loves Cowboys from OPI, Revlon Red from Revlon, and Liquid Leather from China Glaze. If you want to see the tutorial on these babies, check out my post from two Halloweens ago here.

Strangely enough, I don't like horror movies, but I really, really love Halloween. Dressing up for Halloween is my favourite, especially when I get to incorporate some creepy, gory element. 

Last year I was zombie Rosie The Riveter, and I'm already working on an idea for this year. Do you guys like Halloween? Any thoughts for costumes this year? Yes, I know it's only July, but the Halloween spirit is with me all year long!

Happy not Halloween! :p See you guys tomorrow!

Friday, July 1, 2016

M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E, Mickey Mouse!

Last October was an interesting month. It was my second month of school, and I was still settling in to my new home, and getting used to doing school work again. Between the stress of school, and the loss of my bunny, Layla (yes, I miss her very much, but I have two new additions in my life that I'll share sometime), I needed to do something to feel better. And so, I did what any sane 20 something would do: I booked a spontaneous solo trip to Disney World... less than a week in advance. Okay, so that's not what most people would do, but I had an amazing time.

While I strangely enough did not have my nails painted in Disney, as soon as I got back, I knew exactly what I had to paint... The title should make it obvious.

A one Mr. Mickey Mouse.

The base was my favourite black polish, Liquid Leather from China Glaze, and then I painted Mickey using black, white and red acrylic. I went with one of the more original Mickeys, as he's my favourite.

I absolutely adore Disney, and in between band nails, I need to get back to some Disney designs. Any suggestions?

See ya soon!