Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dead Silence

So I ended up being lucky enough to get to go see Billy Talent again. Once again, they put on an amazing show, and to make things better, it was a charity concert. Of course, being me, I just had to paint my nails for it, and here they are.

They're based off of the Billy Talent album, Dead Silence. The base colour is Let's Get Lost from Essence and the detail is acrylic. My other nails were just Let's Get Lost.

If you're into hard rock/punk rock, I absolutely recommend going to see Billy Talent. They sound exactly like they do on the CD, and the energy at their concerts is amazing. July Talk and Half Moon Run opened for them, both of which are up and coming Canadian bands and I had the privilege to meet members from both these bands.

And here are some concert photos I took. Unfortunately, I had to use my point and shoot camera. DSLRs weren't allowed.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

You Say You Wanna Revolution...

Here's another manicure I did when my computer had died. It's based on political graffiti that's painted around the world. I did this since I think we all forget the fact that we have the power to make a change if we work together.

The base colour is It's Grey-t to Be Here from Essence. I then dry brushed black and white over my nails, and added the details in acrylic. 

I'll keep this post short. I hope you guys enjoy!

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Salt in the Air, Sand in My Hair...

Hey guys. I feel like this is the millionth time I have apologized for my absence this year, but sorry I haven't been posting. I actually had a few manicures to post, and just when I was ready to upload them, my computer died. And I mean died. It wouldn't even turn on anymore. And then it took our family several weeks to buy a new computer tower. To make matters worse, there are several laptops in my house, but none have photoshop, so I was unable to edit photos and apply my watermark. But now I have a computer again. So it's all good. And here is one of my last manicures.

This manicure was inspired by Andy Davis, who is an artist, most likely better known as a designer for Billabong clothing. I'm a huge fan of Billabong clothes, with their beachy and relaxed style. Despite the fact that I'm a Canadian girl through and through, I still adore these clothes, especially since I love being at the beach. I had already seen his work, but I didn't really know who Andy Davis was. It wasn't until I went to Hawaii and bought some Billabong clothes with his designs that I really found out who he was. I pretty much fell in love with his designs right away. I love the simplicity and vibrancy of his illustrations.

So now to the nails. All my nails started with a base of Surfing Paradise from Island Girl Hawaii. I then applied two coats of Sheer Nude from Orly to my pointer, ring and pinkie fingers. To those three nails, I also applied two thin coats of white using my Sally Hansen French Tip Pen. All the designs are acrylic and a black striper. On my thumb is a beach scene, my ring finger is Pelly the Pelican (you can get swim shorts and bikinis in this pattern). My middle finger is based of a tank top I bought in Hawaii and my ring finger is the Andy Davis logo. Finally, my pinkie is inspired by the pattern of the surfboard of a surfer girl Davis designed.

I hope you guys enjoy, and for all of you back in school, good luck!