Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Chuck Hughes

Chuck Hughes... AKA my favourite chef EVER. I've met him 3 years in a row, with last August being that third time. He's always a super cool guy, and so last year, I decided to paint some nails for our meeting.

So Chuck is a big fan of lobsters, and has a tattoo of one, as well as a sugar skull. His restaurants are in Montreal, so I added in the Montreal Canadiens logo, as well as checkered nails (Vans) and his autograph.

The checkered nails started with a base of Sure Thing from Revlon. I then used a black striper to make the checkered pattern, cleaning up any mistakes with white acrylic. The Chuck nail and the Montreal Canadiens nails both started with a base of Black Taxi from Nails Inc. I painted on Chuck with white acrylic, and the Canadiens logo using blue, red, and white acrylic. The sugar skull nails were a base of Revlon Red from Revlon, and I painted the skulls using black, white, and red acrylic. The lobster nails, as well as my thumb (the CNE logo) were a base of Sure Thing. I then painted the lobsters using red, black, and white acrylic. Finally, I painted the CNE logo on my thumb with purple, green, yellow, pink, red, and white acrylic.

Some lobsters close up.

Chuck was pretty impressed, and I ended up holding up the line up to meet him due to him checking out my nails.

This might be the first year I don't meet Chuck in 3 years, and I'm pretty sad, but here's to hopefully meeting him next year again!

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