Monday, April 23, 2012

Nail Stickers: Go Wild!

I love making my own nail stickers, but I don't do it much. They're easy to make, and look really good. My latest were some zebra print ones. And I made a tutorial to go with them.

1. You need a plastic baggy, assorted nail polish, an exacto knife or scissors.
2. Apply nail polish to a plastic bag. I used Black Satin (Rimmel London), Ogre-the-Top Blue (OPI), I layered Gold Coin (Revlon) and Amazon's Flash (Loreal Paris) and a black striper (It's So Easy Stripe Right) for the stripes.
3. Next, after allowing your stickers to dry, either peel them off and cut them with scissors or use an exacto knife to cut out the shapes.
4. Go wild! Apply them to your nail however you want! The silver is silver acrylic craft paint. 

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