Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Tale As Old As Time...

Here's my latest nail design.

Yup, it's Chip from Beauty and the Beast! This design came from a sociology assignment I have where we're supposed to watch a beloved childhood movie and talk about different social aspects of it. But, enough of my boring talk :), let's get to the tutorial.

This was painted with acrylic craft paint.
1. Paint the cup shape in white. (I started with a base of four coats of Essence Sweet as Candy)
2. Paint the base of the cup purple.
3. Add pink and light blue decorations on the base of the cup.
4. Outline the base of the cup in yellow, as well as the top of the cup. Add Chip's "nose" or the handle of the cup in yellow.
5. Add Chip's eyes. You can make the eyes by painting a black oval first, letting it dry, then painting white over top (photo below).
6. Add Chip's mouth, clear coat and you're done!
For the other nails, I made a wavy french in purple acrylic and yellow acrylic to match the base of the cup.


  1. I just ran across you blog and I think your nails art is AMAZING! And I did a design kinda similar to these that I entered in Nailed to the T's contest, but I hadn't seen these before! I even googled Chip nails to make sure it didn't look like I was copying anyone, but I never saw these! If you have time, see if you can find them on the disney nail art contest page. I think it's just so weird how similar they are, especially since I did not see these before!

    1. Thanks! I'd love to see them! I normally search before I do a design too, so that I can be original. Weird we didn't come across each others. :p

  2. This is really cute!! I love all your Disney manis, I'm a huge Disney fan too!

    1. Thanks! And how could you not love Disney? :)


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