Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Evolution of Pluto

First of all, happy belated Canada Day and happy early Fourth of July. Anyways, for Canada Day, I did not have Canada Day nails, but instead, the evolution of Pluto the dog nails.

Starting with the pinkie, I painted Pluto's first ever appearance; The Chain Gang, 1930. The base is Whirlwind White from Sally Hansen Insta-Dri, and Pluto is painted with acrylics. The ring finger is Pluto in the 1940's, on a base of Stormy from Revlon Top Speed, with a white wash over top, and the details painted with acrylic. The middle finger is Pluto in the 1950's, based on the purse I bought in Disney. The base is Lime Up from Essence and Gypsy Queen from Misa. The details are in acrylics. The pointer finger is Pluto's current look, on a base of the light blue Migi pen. Finally, the thumb is Pluto's autograph on a base of Deep Blue Sea from Sally Hansen. 



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  3. so cute, amazing details. would you like to do a guest post on my blog?? if you would, please email me. :)

  4. This is fab, in fact all your stuff is great!!! I saw your entry on Nailassauruses Load and Vote comp, it is so much better that most of the other entries (maybe not mine tho, hehe)!! Don't know how I hadn't come across your blog before!!


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