Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Elvis Presley was a model citizen...

I'm sure most of you are sitting here, reading this title and thinking, "Huh?" Well, for those of you who know Lilo and Stitch, you'd know that Lilo (and eventually Stitch) idolize Elvis Presley. So when Lilo is "training" Stitch, she uses Elvis Presley as an example of a good citizen.

Anyways, since I loved the gradient I just did, as well as the Lilo and Stitch nails from a few months ago, I decided to paint some Stitch nails. 

The gradient is made with Ogre-the-Top Blue from OPI and You Belong to Me from Essence. The base for the Stitch nails is also Ogre-the-Top Blue. All the details are in acrylics. 


  1. These are gorgeous! And they look super clean and perfect! Nice job:D

  2. Eeeek I'm just dying!! I found this on Tumblr and thank goodness for your watermark, the Tumblr post only linked back to We Heart It which also didn't link to you.... but I had to check this out up close because I am a HUGE Lilo & Stitch fan, and this is sooo adorable! I did some L&S nail art on a nail wheel recently but yours is seriously 10x more adorable, and your other L&S nail art is soo insanely detailed and perfect! LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! You are so on my followed list now! LOL

    1. Thank you so much! It's awesome to hear that! :p


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