Saturday, February 9, 2013

Comic Book Love

I've got another Valentine's design for you guys. This time, it's inspired by vintage comic books and pop art.

1. Start with your base colours. Go for pastels or pinks/reds since it's Valentine's. I used (from left to right) Pink Lingerie from Revlon, Mellow Yellow from Sally Hansen, Mint Sorbet from Sally Hansen and Blue-Away from Sally Hansen.

2. Tape out the "explosion" using triangles of scotch tape. You can do this for all the nails, but I only did an accent finger. Paint this in with white. I used White On from Sally Hansen.

3. While the white dries, use a toothpick to make tiny polka dots on the other nails. 

4. And now you have your white explosion. If you haven't already, remove the tape. Clean up any mistakes. 

5. Outline the explosion in black. I used acrylic for this.

6. Using the toothpick again, make white polka dots on the nail with the explosion.

7. Finally, write something in the explosion using black. I chose "XOXO", since it's love themed.

You guys can use this tutorial for any time of year. 

I also have a question for you guys. What do you want to see more of? Nail art? Tutorials? Reviews? Tips and tricks? Let me know in the comments below!

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