Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mini Manicures: Halloween

With Halloween just a few days away, here are a couple of mini manis for you guys to check out! The first of course, is my spiderweb nails. This is the third year of done them, and you can see them here from last year.

It's the exact same tutorial as last year. 

1. Start with your base polish. I used Reveal Everything Red from ASP, which is a gel polish (more on that soon!).

2. Using a white polish or striper, draw your web shape and fill it in.

3. Use a black striper to draw in the web.

4. Finish drawing in the web, top coat and you're done!

I love this manicure because it's pretty simple, and most people can do it. Plus, people tend to be amazed by the spiderwebs, so get ready for lots of compliments! 

This second mini manicure is a vampire mouth, but you can change it to be any monster mouth.

1. Start with a base coat of red or pink for the lips. Once again, this is Reveal Everything Red.

2. Using black (I used acrylic paint), paint the inside of the mouth.

3. Add in the teeth in white. The teeth can be for whatever monster you'd like. I went for the pointy canines and made it a vampire, but try all sharp teeth for a werewolf, or all flat teeth for a Frankenstein look. Top coat and you're done!

Hope you guys enjoy! Stay tuned for more Halloween manicures!


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