Tuesday, January 14, 2014

So It Goes...

Oh yes. That time has come again: concert nail time. After going to 8 concerts last year, I figured I needed to step up my concert game this year :p, and go to even more. So why not start early?! Anyways, I went to see Hollerado; who is one of my favourite bands Sunday night. They're kind of an Indie Rock band. It was below 0°C, but the band rocked. It was a small concert, so I got to meet the band too! They're super cool, chill guys. And of course, I did my nails. Then on Monday night, I went to see Hollerado again. I met them (again), and this time got to show them my nails. Their singer, Menno was really excited by them. I think the coolest part though, was that their bassist, Dean, remembered me.

*So Menno, the band's singer, took a photo of my nails. He told me they were going on the internet. He didn't lie. Here they are on Hollerado's Instagram.*

My nails are based on Hollerado's albums. My pinkie, pointer finger and thumb on my left hand, as well as my pinkie and pointer finger on my right hand are inspired by their album Record In A Bag. My middle fingers are inspired by their album White Paint, and my ring finger on my left hand is their logo. All of the Record In A Bag nails were done with a base of White Away by Sally Hansen, a calligraphy pen, India ink and acrylic paint. The logo was a base of Black Satin from Rimmel, and acrylic. The White Paint nails were a base of Black Satin, with Gypsy Queen by Misa, Wocka Wocka by OPI, Art Nouv-Yellow by Finger Paints, High Line Green by NYC, Surfs Up by Sally Girl, Let's Get Lost by Essence, Frostbite by China Glaze, and Tomorrow Never Dies by OPI to get the stained glass look. On my left hand, I painted over the "stained glass" with white acrylic for the effect on the CD.

Signed by Menno (sadly, slightly smudged), Nixon and Dean. I never seemed to be able to find Jake, the drummer...

This one was only signed by Dean, but I love the extra "Stay Warm". It really was freezing the other night.

Prepare to be bombarded with concert photos.

Here's me with Menno. I got photos with the other guys too, but they're with my friend as well, so I didn't want to plaster them all over the internet.

As I always say after a concert, go check this band out!!!!

P.S. Do you guys remember my Ghost Town manicure? Well, after showing the guys from Ghost Town my nails, they did a live vlog on YouNow, and I was mentioned. Check it out here! Start watching at about 24:30 until about 25:15. 

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