Saturday, April 26, 2014

Floral Fancy

When I first painted this design, I really wasn't a fan of it. But, the longer it's on my nails, the more I like it. So here it is: some stripes and abstract flowers inspired by a design I saw in Nail It! magazine.

The base colour is White On from Sally Hansen, and the stripes were made with a black striper. Then I started making the flowers. The blue is a mix of White On and Dreamer from Revlon. The pink is St. James Park from Nails Inc., and the darker purple is a mix of Charming, Plum Seduction and Dreamer, all from Revlon. The lighter purple is a mix of Hello Marshmallow from Essence and Plum Seduction. Finally, the leaves are High Line Green from NYC and Sassy from Revlon.

This design is really easy. The stripes don't need to be perfect, and the flowers are pretty much just layering blobs of different coloured nail polish.

So what do you guys think? Abstract flowers: good or bad?


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