Sunday, December 23, 2012

It's Snowing!... On my nails at least...

Not sure about wherever you guys are, but here in Southern Ontario, we've yet to get snow that stays on the ground. It's looking like we'll be having yet another green Christmas. But, to avoid having no snow, I went for a snowy nail design, complete with tutorial.

1. Start by painting three triangles at the tip of your nail, using a white striper. Then, add in three light blue diamonds; one in each triangle. 

2. Using the striper, make a white line between the right triangle and the centre triangle. Repeat on the opposite side. 

3. Add in two small chevrons at the end of each line.

4. Using a dotting tool, add "snow" dots cascading down the side of the nail.

For the other nails, start with a simple french manicure and add in the "snow". I used White On from Sally Hansen for the french, along with French Rose from Rimmel. The striper was an It's So Easy Stripe Rite in white. 

Once again, Happy Holidays everyone!


  1. Your twist on french manis are my favorite:)

    1. Thanks! I don't like to keep french plain. I like adding the twists in to make them more interesting. :)

  2. I love french manis like this. Gorgeous!
    I'm from Ottawa, got lots of snow there! (although I'm in BC right now).

    1. Thanks! And lucky! I know snow can be a pain, but I would have loved a white Christmas!


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