Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Salt in the Air, Sand in My Hair...

Hey guys. I feel like this is the millionth time I have apologized for my absence this year, but sorry I haven't been posting. I actually had a few manicures to post, and just when I was ready to upload them, my computer died. And I mean died. It wouldn't even turn on anymore. And then it took our family several weeks to buy a new computer tower. To make matters worse, there are several laptops in my house, but none have photoshop, so I was unable to edit photos and apply my watermark. But now I have a computer again. So it's all good. And here is one of my last manicures.

This manicure was inspired by Andy Davis, who is an artist, most likely better known as a designer for Billabong clothing. I'm a huge fan of Billabong clothes, with their beachy and relaxed style. Despite the fact that I'm a Canadian girl through and through, I still adore these clothes, especially since I love being at the beach. I had already seen his work, but I didn't really know who Andy Davis was. It wasn't until I went to Hawaii and bought some Billabong clothes with his designs that I really found out who he was. I pretty much fell in love with his designs right away. I love the simplicity and vibrancy of his illustrations.

So now to the nails. All my nails started with a base of Surfing Paradise from Island Girl Hawaii. I then applied two coats of Sheer Nude from Orly to my pointer, ring and pinkie fingers. To those three nails, I also applied two thin coats of white using my Sally Hansen French Tip Pen. All the designs are acrylic and a black striper. On my thumb is a beach scene, my ring finger is Pelly the Pelican (you can get swim shorts and bikinis in this pattern). My middle finger is based of a tank top I bought in Hawaii and my ring finger is the Andy Davis logo. Finally, my pinkie is inspired by the pattern of the surfboard of a surfer girl Davis designed.

I hope you guys enjoy, and for all of you back in school, good luck!


  1. Amazing! Makes me feel that summer is not over yet.

    1. Thank you! And I know what you mean. Summer is the best!


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