Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dead Silence

So I ended up being lucky enough to get to go see Billy Talent again. Once again, they put on an amazing show, and to make things better, it was a charity concert. Of course, being me, I just had to paint my nails for it, and here they are.

They're based off of the Billy Talent album, Dead Silence. The base colour is Let's Get Lost from Essence and the detail is acrylic. My other nails were just Let's Get Lost.

If you're into hard rock/punk rock, I absolutely recommend going to see Billy Talent. They sound exactly like they do on the CD, and the energy at their concerts is amazing. July Talk and Half Moon Run opened for them, both of which are up and coming Canadian bands and I had the privilege to meet members from both these bands.

And here are some concert photos I took. Unfortunately, I had to use my point and shoot camera. DSLRs weren't allowed.


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