Sunday, March 9, 2014

Out of This World

I LOVE galaxy nails. Ever since I first tried them, I have. I don't really paint galaxy nails that often though, so I thought it was about time for some more. As well as an updated galaxy tutorial.

1. Start with a black base. I used Black Satin from Rimmel.

2. Choose two colours at this point that work well together. For example, green and blue or blue and purple. In my case, I chose blue and purple, which are generally seen it actually galaxies. Starting with the first colour (blue, Frostbite by China Glaze), sponge onto the nail. Make the colour more concentrated in certain areas. 

3. Using your second colour (purple, Back in My Gloria Days by Nicole (OPI) and Tomorrow Never Dies by OPI, sponge onto the nail. Overlap with the other colour in certain spots. 

4. [Optional] Taking a lighter shade of your first colour (Let's Get Lost by Essence), sponge onto spots of the galaxy that you want to be lighter. At this point, take a white polish or white acrylic, and lighten certain spots of the galaxy. 

5. Now that you have the white on the nail, take this time to add any more of the colours you chose, overlapping some of the white. 

6. Add stars using white. And add lots of them. Focus on clustering the stars. Wherever the galaxy is the lightest, that's where you should put more stars. Finally, top coat.

And here are some of my old tips, and some new ones. 


i) Rip the makeup sponge; don't cut it, for a more natural, organic and realistic look when sponging. 

ii) Reference photos of galaxies to produce a more realistic design. I can't stress this enough. Looking at photos will really help you to get a more realistic look. 

iii) Don't be perfect. Galaxies are irregular in shape since they naturally occur. 

iv) Each nail doesn't need to be the same, since once again, galaxies are natural and don't all look the same. Make each galaxy unique!! Remember, there are spiral, elliptical and irregular shaped galaxies (plus more).

v) Wherever you make the galaxy the brightest should be where you put the most stars. 

vi) Make stars of various sizes for a more realistic look. 

vii) By using mainly metallic or glittery polishes, you'll achieve more of a space feel with your design.

Alright guys, I hope you enjoy and good luck!

But wait! There's more! A ton of underwater photos to capture the colours of the galaxy!

Alright, spamming of underwater photos done. I'll be posting again soon. Probably tomorrow... :D


  1. Galaxy nails are so popular that at this point I usually shrug them off, but these are so gorgeous, wonderful colors, and so well done that I fell in love again! :)

  2. Your nails look like real pictures of the galaxy, I love them!

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad you like them! :)


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