Sunday, January 18, 2015

Summer, Come Back!

I miss summer. And palm trees... although we don't have those here in Canada, other than maybe some little palm tree house plants. So that's what inspired this design: summer and palm trees.

My pinkie was a base of Sheer Nude from Orly, which I then outlined with a white striper from Stripe Rite. I created a blue gradient using Blue Away from Sally Hansen on my ring finger, then painted palm trees with a black striper, also from Stripe Rite. On my middle finger, I placed studs onto a base of Sheer Nude. Then for my pointer finger, I painted 3/4 of the nail with Blue Away, then painted a palm leaf with the black striper. Finally, I painted stripes using the white striper on a base of Sheer Nude on my thumb.

Anyone else missing summer right now?

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