Monday, May 18, 2015

Hunks Only

Today's design is a little different. This one is based off of the YouTuber known as Jacksfilms. Jack is one of my favourite YouTubers and he's constantly producing hilarious content, so definitely check him out

The base for all nails was Sure Thing from Revlon. On my pinkie finger, I painted the pixel sunglasses and "troll'd" and "rekt" using black acrylic. My ringer finger is Jack doing his "creeper" face, which was painted with black and white acrylic. I painted the Jacksfilms' logo on my middle finger using black acrylic. Finally, I painted "cool cool" on my pointer finger, also with black acrylic, which is one of Jack's catchphrases.  

Jack saw the nails, and I think it's safe to say he thought they were cool.

Up top, amirite?!

Well, cool cool. Hope you guys enjoy!

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