Thursday, June 4, 2015

Born To Die

Bear with me on this post. I feel like it will be a little long, but that's because there is just so much too it!! 

Alright, so Lana Del Rey is probably the only pop singer I listen to. There is something absolutely stunning about her music. Her voice is so haunting and melancholic, I just can't stop listening to it. And I love her whole vintage style. So this post is my homage to Ms. Del Rey.

I started off by painting my nails to look like LDR's signature claws. I already have my claw nails as it is, so all I needed was a bit of nude and red polish. I created this look using French Rose from Rimmel and Revlon Red from, well, Revlon. I don't usually like simple manicures like this on myself, as I find them to plain, but I actually adored this. But, of course, I got bored of it quickly, so...

I painted Lana. I referenced the album cover for Born To Die, and painted LDR using black, white, grey and red acrylic. Pretty happy with how this turned out.

And, because I'm an artistic person who loves to challenge themselves creatively, I turned myself into Lana Del Rey using makeup. And a seriously giant flower crown. See those pictures below. 

Well I hope you guys found it interesting seeing my Lana nails, and me as Lana as well. Do any of you like Lana Del Rey? What's your favourite song? Let me know in the comments!

Hope you guys enjoy!


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