Thursday, June 4, 2015

"Eye" See All

Or at least my nails see all. I mean there are four eyes there. That's got to be pretty good vision. This mani was inspired, once again by the genius Spifster

The base for all nails was Surfing Paradise from Island Girl Hawaii. On my left pinkie and right middle finger, I painted the stars using a black striper from It's So Easy. My ring fingers and index fingers were a mix of Mellow Yellow from Sally Hansen, Blue Away from Sally Hansen, Let's Get Lost from Essence and Under The Boardwalk from China Glaze. I then painted on the drips using my black striper. Finally, on my left middle finger and right pinkie, I painted the eyes with white acrylic, then painted the irises with blue acrylic and the pupils with black acrylic. I finished it off by lining the eyes with a black striper. 

Hope you guys enjoy! 


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