Saturday, May 11, 2013

Day Tripper

On Friday I went on what I think will be my last ever high school trip. We went to the Metro Toronto Zoo (for biology). It was super fun, and of course I painted my nails for it.

I started with a base of White On from Sally Hansen, then painted on all the designs with acrylic. My pinkie is zebra print, my ring finger is a lion, middle finger is leopard print, pointer finger is giraffe and my thumb is a leaf. And here are a couple pictures from the zoo.

These are two of the white lions. When I was at the zoo in the fall, they were just cubs still.

And here's the Sumatran tiger.


  1. This is really well done! The lion is beautifully painted!

  2. These are amazing! Love the lion one.

    And those lion cubs are GORGEOUS.


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