Monday, May 13, 2013

Do Not Cross

So it was supposed to be CSI week in my bio class (we basically apply our knowledge of genetics to solve a fake murder), but someone...*cough*... my teacher :p... messed up on the dates. Anyways, in honour of the supposed to be happening CSI week I painted my nails. Here's my Manicure Monday mani.

The base on my ring finger is Black Satin from Rimmel. The other nails have a base of White On from Sally Hansen. For the finger prints, I used Skyfall from OPI and literally put it on my fingers and pressed down on my nails. For the blood splatters, I diltued Skyfall with polish remover and splattered it on to my nails. Make sure if you splatter paint your nails you protect everything around you. I was painting this in shorts and my whole leg was covered in red splatters. :p Finally, for the police tape I use yellow acrylic and applied matte top coat on the black. 


  1. This is awesome! Of course I may be a bit biased because I did almost the same exact design for my mock CSI also :P Great job!

  2. The fingepint idea is fantastc :). Will have to borow sometime


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