Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Simplicity Is Key

I had a request from one of my long time followers, Izzie, to make some nail tutorials for nails fit for a wedding. I think the big thing when making nails for attending a wedding (or any party for that matter), is simplicity is key. When you're going out to an event, your nails become your accessory so I think going for something that is simple, but pretty, or cleanly executed is the best. So here you go Izzie, two tutorials for nails that are ready for a wedding.

Tutorial One

1. Start with a gradient french, or classic french manicure. I used a gradient french, since I am sort of over classic french manicures and find them boring. I used White On from Sally Hansen and French Rose from Rimmel, both of which I sponged on.

2. Taking your choice of colour of nail polish or acrylic paint, make a heart about midway through the nail, then drag the tip of the heart down to the tip of the nail.

3. Repeat step 2. until you have the desired amount of hearts you'd like.

Tutorial Two

1.Start with a gradient french, or classic french manicure.

2. Using a dotting tool, make five dots in the corner of your nail. Using a paintbrush, tooth pick or pen, drag out the dots to a point to create petals. I used black acrylic for this.

3. Finally, using a different colour, make a dot for the center of the flower. Also, make a dot between two petals and drag it to a point to create a leaf. Repeat for as many leafs as you would like. I used silver acrylic for this.

If you ask me, I like the hearts the best, but I love the flower too!

Hope you guys like these as well!


  1. Ahh! I love them! I'll be sure to do these and send pictures! Thank you so much!


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