Thursday, June 12, 2014

Litt Up

Last night was the premiere of Season 4 for the show Suits. Ever since one of my friends got me watching the show, I've been in love with it. It's pretty awesome. So anyways, I of course had to do another nail tribute to Suits. Here it is.

The black base (pinkie and middle fingers) is Black Satin from Rimmel. Then the white base is White Matter from Formula X. The Suits logo is painted with red acrylic and the suit is white and red acrylic. Finally, "Litt Up", which is a phrase one of the characters makes up is painted with black and red acrylic. And yes, this is ALL hand-painted, by me. Some people were a little skeptical about the writing. 

I also tweeted my nails and Gabriel Macht who plays one of the main characters, Harvey Specter, seemed to like them! You can see his tweet below.   

Season 4 started off with a bang. If you haven't seen Suits, I definitely recommend checking it out! Hope you guys enjoy!

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