Thursday, May 15, 2014

Come A Little Closer

On Tuesday night I went to a Cage The Elephant concert. They're one of my favourite bands, and the concert was phenomenal. I know, I say this about every concert I see, but I've yet to go to a bad concert... :) Of course, I had to paint my nails for it.


My pinkie is based on the background for their self titled album, Cage The Elephant. The base is White Matter from Formula X (officially the BEST white polish ever), then I applied CuraƧao from Sephora using the watercolour technique. I also dry brushed Lightening from Sally Hansen and Plum Seduction from Revlon on, and splattered Sassy fom Revlon, L.O.L. from Essence, and black acrylic. My ring finger is also a base of White Matter, then I painted on an eye from the album Melophobia with the band's logo. My middle finger is blue and magenta acrylic flowers which are based on artwork within the album Cage The Elephant. The base is also White Matter. On my pointer finger, I marbled various colours of acrylic paint together. Finally, my thumb is a base of White Matter with black stripes using a striper. All the designs are based off of the band's album artwork.

I also met the guitarist, Brad, as you can see below. 

And then this happened:

Now that's what I call crowd surfing... although I'd be scared they would drop me... Hope you guys enjoy!

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