Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Bow Down... To The Higher Power

The Dirty Nil is a local band I've been listening to for a while now. Back in February, they released their first full length album, Higher Power. I went to one of their record release shows, and of course, I painted some nail art in honour of it.

The nail art is based off of the album cover for Higher Power (you can see the album cover here), which was painted by Alex Roulette. This guy took about 5 hours to paint.

I honestly can't tell you what the base on this design was, because there was so much paint layered on top. I'm pretty sure I started with Sure Thing from Revlon, with a bit of Surfing Paradise from Island Girl Hawaii, but I'm not positive. I then proceeded to add all of the detail using various colours of acrylic paints. To create the blue smoke, I used watered down white acrylic paint, as well as blue Sharpies with rubbing alcohol compound.

A super close up to see the detail.

I later added a matte top coat.

So because I had so many layers of paint and polish, the whole design literally popped off my nail in one piece... I've never experienced this before, but it was certainly interesting.

Hope you guys enjoy! And if you guys like some rowdy rock 'n' roll, definitely give The Dirty Nil a listen!

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