Sunday, June 12, 2016

Tropical Watercolour... Again

Before I painted the nails on the previous post, I had these tropical babies on. When I say the winter was bad here, I mean bad. Every time it seemed like it was ending, it started snowing again. In fact, it snowed one day last month... Yeah, not fun. So tropical vibes on my nails were really needed.

The base on all nails was Sure Thing from Revlon. As with the last post, I created the watercolour effect on these nails using Sharpies, and rubbing alcohol compound. To achieve this, I scribbled the Sharpies on a plastic container lid, then dipped a brush in rubbing alcohol and applied it to the nail. I'm going to do a tutorial on this technique soon, so keep your eyes peeled! Finally, the fine details were added with black acrylic.

Close up time.

One more shot of all the nails. 

Hoping the weather is nice wherever you are!


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