Thursday, June 16, 2016

Gettin' The Led Out

Band nails art kind of my thing, if you hadn't noticed yet. One of my favourite bands ever (thanks to being raised on rock 'n' roll by my awesome parents) is Led Zeppelin. Fun fact: Led Zeppelin started out as the The New Yardbirds, but when the group was told they would "go down like a lead balloon", the name was changed to Led Zeppelin.
One day, I randomly decided to paint the album cover for Led Zeppelin I on my thumb, and that's how this nail art was born.

The base is Liquid Leather, and then I painted the details using white acrylic.

And because I'm a dork (with a love for Freaks and Geeks): 

Cause John Bonham was the man.

Later babes!

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