Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Who Are You? (Who, Who, Who, Who?)

I really wanna know...
If the title and the above sentence haven't clued you in as to WHO this post is about, let me tell you: The Who... as in one of the greatest rock bands of all time. Ever. If you still don't know WHO that is, I highly suggest you do a little rock 'n' research.
Back in April, my family, and I went to see The Who. More than 30 years ago, my dad saw The Who's first final tour when he was about my age, and on April 26th, I just might have seen the final final tour... with nail art of course.

The base of my nails was Liquid Leather from China Glaze. I then painted the famous Who logo using back, white, red, and blue acrylic.

The show was absolutely phenomenal, and despite the fact that only two of the original members of the band are alive (and into their 70's), the show was still indescribably awesome. The guys are absolute Rock Gods, and as an added bonus, Ringo Starr's son (as in the Ringo Starr of The Beatles) plays drums for The Who now. Yeah, pretty wicked.

Adieu until next time!

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